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Default Time to Seperate the Kids from the Adults

After 9 years of growing I feel it is finally time to take on the famous NH.

I have my seed order all lined up and will get it from Attitude since I am in the states. Thanks to all of you that have walked these steps before me and have been so kind to post your trials and tribulations I feel I have a strong foundation in which to begin my endeavors.

When I begin my journal I will attempt to include every detail and leave no gaps.
I will be modeling the grow after herbalizor's as far as the nute regime goes although there may be some variances. The journal will help document the effects of each change and the outcome. I will also try to give an American equivalent product of each nute or product for each one that seems to be specific to the European or UK market. The reason for this is because when I was trying to write down Herbalizor's nute recipe I found that there were several products that were either hard and/or too expensive to get any old place in the U.S., or their equivalent was under a different brand name.

Other than that the journal will be purely about the grow.

I look forward to joining the ranks of those who have already succeeded with NH and to giving the smoke a place it can call home in my lungs lol.
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