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do your roots have a slimey feel to them or just off colour?
Didn't answer your direct ? They were perfect white from the net pot down about 4" then a clump that looked kinda like brown pond scum the size of a golf ball or so then below the "scum" 6-8" of perfect white roots. I try to not touch roots I dunked them up and down and the scum washes off.

when i grow i like multiple strains and usually a few of each, for me its a trade off between keeping the healthiest plants happy and letting the rest get on with it, with higher numbers alllowing me to bin the stragglers i can sometimes keep them uniform but its not always the case and i find you just have to accept it and get on with it.

I have 4'x4' rooms with 1000w hps. In each. 3 flower rooms. I have only ran a single strain run 1 time with great results. But with variety being the spice of life I usually have 4 strains in each. I have 4 keeper strains and dedicate 1 room to finding that something special. Its wild how radically diff the plants grow depending on what strain is in with them. I'm going to have to have 1 room og sour og because it dominates every plant it grows with. My blueberry and a critical mass x jack h were both good yeilder a but the vigor of the sour og dominates the 2 and they gt 1/2 their normal yeild. Bottom line I couldn't agree with you more.
i'd say if it's 10% or there abouts then it's an acceptable loss, obviously we strive for 100% but dealing with living things isnt always as easy as we'd like..sometimes you do get the runt of the litter through seed or through cut and that individual will struggle to keep up with the pack, from seed it is sometimes worth bearing with the runt as it may replicate the ugly duckling story and mature into a beautiful swan

Again I totally agree with you. The last seedling this happened to was super lemon haze. I didn't notice it as soon and she battled thru veg. In flower she was amazing and turned a 3 mom stable into 4.

Have a good day all!!
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