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Default NL5 X Haze ROUND 1

Hello Mr. Nice Community

This is my first post, first MNS seeds, first 2 plants from the 20 seed pack.

I am excited about the possibilities and am hoping for a haze dom female. I will also be looking for a quality male for my first breeding projects with my established keepers.

The day these seeds arrived I put 2 in paper towels. After 2 days both had germed and were placed in 1.5" rock woll cubes and placed under 400w mh. 2 days later both had broken the surface and I call that day 1. 1 looked normal and one only had the cotyledon no actual leafs. The cubes were then placed in 6" netpots with hydroton and placed in DWC buckets with 1/2 strength nutes. The plant that started with no leafs is actually further advanced than its sibling. The final pics of this post are day 11.

I generally take very few veg pics I will take 1 more of each before the flip. During flower I try for weekly updates as more changes happen.

I only start 2 seeds at a time as to keep with in my legal numbers but plan to concentrate on this strain till I find what im looking for even if its not in the first pack.
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