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well I heard rumors Nevil didnt even have old seed. Yeah that's right. A complete farse on his(Nevil) part.

In fact I heard all the seed he has used for his grail are all f1's shanti made and sent to Nevil 3 years ago, along with mango haze f1's.

don't believe a word Nevil says to be honest. His grails are being made using the same exact mns Nevil and Mango haze that you all can order right now.

germ rates would be terrible for one on those old seeds, but Nevil didn't think we'd note that either .... I have 50 90's SSH beans and so far not one out of 20 has cracked. But Nevil must have had a miracle stash under a rock, the same rock Andy Dufrane used at the end of shawshank redemption. LoL

point is, Nevil is full of shit. No offense Nevil but you are and you know it.

As for the Northern Lights selected ... it allows the haze to express itself in its truest most unalterated form.
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