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Default Day 4 of 12/12

Hi Red,
doing good man, cam still not arrived yet,
was supposed to be here on Monday, phoned the suppliers to see whats happening, and it's delayed,
said it's gonna be next week at least,
no worries tho i'll keep using this 1 until it arrives

Hi Herbalizor,
great to have you on board for the nevs show dude,
it's gonna be a long diary i think but something tells me the wait is definately gonna be worth it

Hi Joaquin386,
i think the nev's is due for release very soon,
i'm gonna be buying another pack or 2 as well so as to have a mass selection to pick and choose the keepers from,
it's gonna be awesome seeing all the nev's grow diaries around the forums

now on day 4 of 12/12,
plants were put into their final size pots (11 litre) 2 days before i changed to 12/12,
usually give the plants an extra 7-10 days before flipping to 12/12 but with these being quite sativa genes i've left plent of room as the roots will still grow alot in flower,
it's incredible how fast the roots have been growing using a brand new bulb,
the pot up before going into the last was 5 days, the whole pots were covered in thick roots by 5 days (lucky i checked when i did).
starting to notice some differences in both growth and looks now as well,
a few are looking how i expected with the nev's - tall, big spacing between nodes,
but there's others have have the tightest nodal spacing i've seen so far,
beautful to look at,
just before changing to 12/12 i topped a few, fimmed a few (taller ones),
and with a couple of the smaller ones i've left to grow straight without topping or fimming

Pheno #1 (topped)

Pheno #2 (topped)

phenos #3 + #4 to follow

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