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Hey scorp,
Not sure if you've seen this thread or not but I would recommend giving it a look. Bubbleman gives demonstrations of how his gear works, and mentions how he would normally use all 8 bags that are for 5 gallon buckets. So it all depends on what you're looking for ultimately, but it sounds like if bubbleman uses 8 bags than that might be a good indication as to how many bags I should be looking at.

Ofcourse that could simply be a marketing ploy to get our extra $.

hey jesse,
I watched Jorge Cervantes make up a batch of bubble,he uses 2 buckets.
cleaning the trash from the mix from first bucket,then strain liquid/resin heads thru second bucket and remaining bags...anyway..ill be getting the bags probably with 4 bags set and add either a 90 or 120,giveing me 5 total.
with all the trim i have it will prolly make its cost from first batch...

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