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deran you are dreaming if you thing that the new mods will abandon their anti-social behavior.

I respect hempy for his growing abilities and experience. I don't think that he is a good choice to bring civility to this place. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR JESSE. NONE. After his posts and actions today, I have LESS THAN NO RESPECT FOR JESSE.

Why would I continue to contribute to a place where I have to beg and plead and message 'non-mods' to get my posts to show/re-show after 'mods' decided that what I said isn't valid? What is the point? I'm not here to be 'right'. I WAS here to grow & show plants, and to grow as a person.

Now I will simply take those goals/reasons for being online to another site. Not a big deal, really. What is a big deal is the vibe TODAY versus the vibe from Aug 07-Aug 09. IMO the site has slowly deteriorated since then. Today it fell off the cliff, IMO
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