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It's inspired by the organic fanatic collective over at ICmag in the organic soil stickies. I didn't let this batch cook at all. I dropped 4 cuts (Shit and SuperSpice) into the soil RIGHT after I mixed it, and they are looking good 3-4 days later. I also threw some very young seedlings in the mix last night, and ~20hrs later they don't show any signs of issues (burning/twisting/etc..) I have run into issues in the past building a soil with lots of N that had to cook before it stopped burning plants - even established ones.

Hope this post doesn't get deleted, but I can only assume it will...

Sorry fam, but I'm not going to be updating any of my threads here after today. This place has taken a GIANT step in the wrong direction in my opinion (I hope personal opinions are still allowed). If it straightens out, I'll be back, but I ain't holding my breath. The site has needed attention/help since late 2009, and Shanti doesn't seem interested in trying to make things better - just making them easier.
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