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Sorry I've neglected this thread, but funds are tight...

I added in ~1 tablespoon/gallon of the 3-0-1.5 cottonseed/soybean/sulfate of potash dry fert to my recycled mix along with 1tbs/gal dolomite, and ~1tablespoon/gal total of equal parts kelp, rock phosphate, and greensand. Now I have 30 gallons of what can best be called 'organic matter'. It's lost most of it's fluffieness. It has similar compaction/water retention properties to a commercial bagged outdoor soil.

Today I got some coco chips, prolly bet 1/4-1" long for the most part. I mixed up a 1:1 recycle:coco batch, and I really like the structure. I'm going to add another ~1tbs/gal of greensand to the mix. I'm hoping to get some crabshell asap.

So I got a bag of organic matter...
...a bag of chunky coco...
... old coffee can...
... 11 gallon garbage can...
...and a bag of greensand w/1 cup measuring cup.

8 coffee can scoops of recycledsoil/organicmatter
8 coffee can scoops of chunky coco chips
1 measuring cup of greensand.

Pics if I get around to it
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