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My neighbors used to look at me funny for smelling my compost, then they tasted my squash. Next summer they looked at me funny for peeing to fertigate the veggies, then they saw the size and production of my garden. The next summer they were playing the - "..guess what we used to grow these veggies..." trick on their friends

I read something about the humanure, too. Seemed like it was as simple as a bucket, a lid, and the right amount of hardwood sawdust. Lol, I'm still weening off my PBP bottle My soil isn't right just yet, and I can't afford a yield hiccup in the name of 'organic pride', so I gotta make due with what I got. Soon come

PS, fukk the haters, bro. Keep spreading the love.

EDIT - Gratuitous homemade castings shot Gonna get some worms over the weekend, thanks for the inspiration, Bobb-O. There are COMPETING castings manufacturers in my town Welcome to NorCal

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