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Yo Patrick, good to see you

I thought I caught some mention of you moving, glad to hear about it. So you are legal now? I really hope you are, I'd be super happy for you and only slightly jealous =)

This is a new spot, too, so this year was the first. BTW I am a fellow pee feeder and proud of it. I think me and you both don't like going to the hydro store LOL (one of the most plastic places I've ever been in). I actually read a book about using my own shit in compost, too, but that gets a little more involved and I never went that far (The Humanure Handbook or something like that, and you'd have to make sure it got thermophilic). Always wanted to tell my friends after blazing that it was grown with my hot steaming deuces =) Guy who wrote the book talks about how they'd have people over for dinner serving things from their garden and tell them half way through about the compost.......funny little social experiment. They'd go on about how good the organic food was until they found out; supposedly some people didn't think it very cool....

Yeah, I should've mentioned the 'no meat, dairy, citrus' thing in worm bins. A whole bunch of orange and grapefruit peels caused my first mass exodus/accidental genocide =)

And I've tried it with Earthworms, too, but once you get Red Wigglers they just don't compare. Red Wigglers are bred for casting production. They are very good at it. Make Earthworms look like they are in kindergarten. Start with 2lbs if you can for a better success rate. PM me in a few months once my numbers are up and I'll send you some of mine.

Take care
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