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Yo Billy good to see you again.

Fresh worm shit is the greatest plant soil on the planet. It's only problem is that it holds water too long to be used by itself indoors, although I'm sure it's been done. I'd say go for it and best of luck to you and your plants. I'll hit up shanti/admini about that, I'm sure they'll be in.

I went and turned my compost pile this afternoon. Fresh compost is the second best plant soil on the planet =). If you don't want to mess with the worms you can always do it this way and add your food wastes into this pile. This is the before picture, which is a full season's worth of grass clippings and food scraps in a pile covered with all the leaves of the fall. It was at least twice this size before the winter.

This is the picture after turning. There were thousands of big fat earthworms all up in the pile. It took an hour of hard work. I should've turned it at least once before, the grass clippings had turned into a mush in some spots. It will reduce in size again to about 20% of this.

I like to make it this way, low and slow, no tumblers or anything. It requires 1 year of time, a few turns, and the ability to collect your grass clippings and leaves into a pile. You make the pile naturally over time. Right now I'll start a new pile of clippings next to it and wait for this one to break down. Use one while you build the next, and then switch back next year. It's really that easy, just takes patience.

Only warning I would give is let it sit somewhere indoors in a quarantine section for awhile before using it in an indoor room. Gives it time to let the food chains break up and larger life die out.
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