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All phenos are presexed and I have 6 males and 3 ladies. Pheno I is still developing, but I am pretty sure its female. All the phenos have recovered well from being topped and I will be topping the two tallest branches on each pheno tomorrow. They are growing fast but should be nice, bushy moms and dads here in a few weeks. Then I will gather some clones and flower them a week after they have established roots and have been transplanted(females only). Since I only have 3 females, out of this first group of nine, I might let them veg for a couple weeks before inducing flower but no more. I will keep all the males stocked and am going to flower them all out together and collect pollen. Considering my patients rotations and the fact that summer is almost here, I hope to flower male clones in early fall. So I should have all three females finished by then. We will see how everything goes, I cant rush this no matter how impulsive I am feeling. And its hard to not flower such pretty plants.
Phenos D and G had the most pronounced preflowers

Pheno A-female

Pheno B-male

Pheno C-male

Pheno D and her preflower-female, obviously

Pheno E-male

Pheno F

Pheno G and it's male preflower

Pheno H-male

Pheno I-most likely female
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