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Talking Hempy Bucket Vs Soil GROW!!

Medium: 3 parts perlite: 1 part vermiculite

Light: 150w HPS Sunsystem Grow light

Grow Space: 3x4x7 Closet

Ventilation: Wind Machine 18" fan

Nutes: Technaflora Recipe for Success kit

Strains Used for 2 Black Soil VS Hempy Buckets is an unknown Strain. I got it out of some bud that a buddy of mine grows in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia. For this Purpose I am titling it "Mountain Man". Hopefully both seeds are femis.

I started Germination Of the "Mountain Man" seeds on 3/08. Germinated them for 5 days and transplanted into small Soil containers for 4 days. After that i transferred them both to the final 8" container. One container with a miracle gro soil and one with perlite,vermiculite mix. For the first 7 days i watered the seedlings with a mix of 2tsp sugar daddy, 2tsp root 66 , and 1/2 tsp thrive alive b-1 red to one gal of water.
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