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Anyone here real big on alfalfa and the tricantinol (spelling, I know...) that it's got? Most of the stuff I use has usefulness beyond the NPK, so I'm looking at alfalfa to bring that to a Nitrogen source. I've used mixed ferts with alfalfa, but never by itself.
got some stuff called alfalfa plus. not had space to use it in the indoor garden but will for the chillies and outdoor ladies.

A mini-pelleted blend of alfalfa, comfrey, seaweed and beetroot extract.a renowned green manure crop, naturally rich in nitrogen. Organic nitrogen/potassium fertiliser (N:2.5, K:7)

Alfalfa: a renowned green manure crop, naturally rich in nitrogen.

Comfrey: the ideal compliment to alfalfa, rich in readily available potassium and a range of trace elements and vitamins, long-known to have beneficial effects on plant health, resistance to disease and yield.

Seaweed: contains hormone-like substances for enhanced plant growth. Shows water-retaining properties.

Beet Extract: provides a high content of natural, readily available potassium.

EDIT - zesk, I've never used biochar, but I would be interested in adding it. I've read very positive reports from good growers with it. It's my understanding that it will gobble up the available N from the soil for a while, so I would have to have some soil already ready already if I wanted to start to incorporate it.
thanks, wasnt aware.
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