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Yep, I was surprised to see them but they are available. The other dry pre-packaged ferts that I've seen are the Dr. Earth brand. I was poking around the hydro shop today, and I came across a section of serve yourself dry organics. They must have had 2dozen + different organic inputs.

Back east, my soil was mostly espoma products. I got away from lots of cottonseed meal due to the levels of pesticides used in cotton production, and I started to get away from chickenshit due to all of the bullshit steroids and antibiotics they feed commercial chickens.

Yo I am not shy with the cam sXi . I just only have a bag of almost inert coco based recycled soil, and a 3 lb bag of mixed nutes right now. When I do it to it, I'll wash up and let ya all see

Anyone here real big on alfalfa and the tricantinol (spelling, I know...) that it's got? Most of the stuff I use has usefulness beyond the NPK, so I'm looking at alfalfa to bring that to a Nitrogen source. I've used mixed ferts with alfalfa, but never by itself.

EDIT - zesk, I've never used biochar, but I would be interested in adding it. I've read very positive reports from good growers with it. It's my understanding that it will gobble up the available N from the soil for a while, so I would have to have some soil already ready already if I wanted to start to incorporate it.

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