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Hey Chana,

Loving your threads. Thanks for stopping by. The commitment is definitely the major hurdle to leap. Im actually getting ready to flower only Z7's and NH in about 4-7 weeks. I did a pretty good job planning to coincide with summer. So I can have more of a sure thing for my patients. Im going to finish a nice crop to hold them over for summer then get them the rest of the years in Oct. Heres the twist, I am running all new strains outdoor this year and havent bought any of them yet. I live at 4,000ft and have till about Oct. 15-24th before it starts to rain then freezes. Flowering is induced around Aug. 10-15th here.

The only real experiment I am doing this summer is some Leb 27 I got from a guy who got them from a friend years ago. Dude brought them from overseas, supposably. There are only six and I trust the guy who gave them to me, no question. Dude has never misled me. Besides those I want to run early queen, devil, shit and/or spice for the rest. 3 or 4 of each.
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