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Hey look it's hash! Once you have rinsed the trichs into a lil pile, keep pulling down on the sides of the bag to help the water drain off of the screen. You will see it dripping. Once it stops, I scrape the trichs up, and slop em on a paper towel folded in 1/4's. If it has a 'fiber' and 'dimple' side, stay away from the 'fiber' side, as it will wanna stick in the hash. Then you have to roll it in and pretend like it's not there...

(man that thumb looks fukked up, been in and out of the socket a dozen times since I did it the first time ~10 yrs ago)

Now GENTLY, and with clean hands/wrists, push the catch bag back down into the water, and get the air out. Retighten the drawstring...

Put the work bag in, and tighten the string. Let her sit, you are gonna beat the hell out of it in an hour or so (as soon as you finish your lil tutorial...)

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