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Default Got another female :-)

NH that is!

I was only gifted 4 beans, and they were only F2s. I've popped three so far and one round of two (1m and 1f) and started this girl about two months ago (I think, it's night in flower land).

The first girl went 17 weeks at 11/13 from a seed plant. She was a miracle plant as I moved during her early days. She went from 11/13 to 24/0 for ten day, during which time the friend who offered to house them during the move managed to kill about 20 c99 clones, and everything else I had going by leaving them in a stagnant tub full of water above the drainage holes of the hempies . He TRIED lol. the NH F2 was still the best weed I've smoked in many moons.

The weed from the F2 was still the best weed I've smoked in many, many moons.

I hope you don't mind the posting Tony. I don't start many grow threads anymore (never did much) as I don't want to be the low hanging fruit for any leo around. If the legal climate changes I will certainly change that. If not I still may post a pic of two .

They're looking good Tony.....only 6 more months
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