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Originally Posted by TonyG View Post
Hey GM1,

I will admitt that I also disagree with your point of views about defoliation. I wouldnt be able to express my beliefs on the subject better than bob or sensi has, so I wont try. Yes, your plant looks healthy in your pic but also looks scraggly to me. Scraggly for lack of a better word. And thats as critical as I will be on the matter. What you do in your grow room doesnt affect what goes on in mine.

I do understand what your are trying to say, however. About your firm beliefs on the subject. Which brings me to offering a side by side, that I will do a grow log for everyone to see and judge the themselves. I will do 2 plants of the same strain, one exactly how you tell me to do it and the other how I usually grow it. I would need some more info on your method as Im aware you probably do some things habitually, like a lot of people, that doesnt get explained in detail. I have plants at 6 inches tall right now I can start immediately. I will let you determine veg time and everything else should be pretty straight forward.

If you or anyone else does not want me to do this experiment, then entertaining the ide as is as far as I will go with it.

So what you're saying is that my plant is healthy and scraggly

I must ask myself if I can trust that you would do the side by side fairly. You're one of the guys who goes around hitting the "like" button when people attack me after all so please forgive me if I show you lack of trust.

Got a pic of the plants you wanna do the side by side with? Full plant pics in their growing area would be a great help. I need to know lights too for cloning, veg and flower.