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Originally Posted by b0b_b1tch1n View Post
omg , many MANY MANY of us proved it long before the internet and LONG before beginners like you started asking for pics and vids

Again, you refer to me as a beginner, but you have no idea how long I've been growing.

it has been scientifically PROVEN by biologists and horticulturalists MANY times , google it and LEARN something insted of spouting off your nonsense

why dont you show us all some SCIENTIFIC PROOF that claims your method is better ? when searching for proof you will find all sorts of articals PROVING you should keep the leaves

First of all I don't do science. I grow weed. I'm not interested in lengthy articles full of latin words. I'm interested in visual proof. Pics and vids etc. That kind of thing.

stop argueing because there has been proof posted all over this forum and others and you simply refuse to believe it

You're the one who should stop arguing. In fact, I find you so argumentative and insultive that this will be the last time I respond to you.

you keep mentioning "your" guru has been growing for 3 decades , well SO HAVE I , and i was pulling leaves back when you werent even born yet , but thats because i didnt know any better , back then most growers believed what you believe today , BUT ,,,,, we have now and long ago been shown reasons and proof why to not believe what you believe

He's not "my" guru. You say that you've been growing for 3 decades too but so far I've not seen anything from you that shows this. All I've seen is your botm entry and the seedlings in your gallery. Have you got any pics of big plants please?

stop argueing , you have been given the proof you keep asking for , you just ignore it every time

Again, I'm not arguing. You are. You haven't given me any proof that de-leafing is bad for the plants. I on the other hand, have given you PICS that deleafing is good.

@GoodBuddy: I know it's not about looking poorly, but someone came into my thread and said that my plants look "poorly". So I ask again. Do you or anyone else think that the plant I posted in this thread looks poorly, yes or no? Not trying to start a shitstorm, just looking for some feedback.