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Old 04-29-2019, 05:34 PM
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Default Roots and how to maximize root size?

Iíve been having problems getting consistent good roots.

Whether itís my imagination one thing Iíve noticed is my best outcomes have had great roots.If I grow 10 pheno types usually the keepers have the best roots out of all phenotypes,not always but 95% of the time.

I use coco and I could be over watering before plants develop a good root system or maybe I need a root supplement.

What are some ways to get good roots in coco,dirt,etc....?
Wet and dry cycles,root supplements,myco,enzymes,high P,etc...?

I have planted cuttings in 3 gallons of coco and sometimes the roots do great but other times terrible.I definitely see a relationship between roots and yields.

Any methods,supplements,etc... you have found that get you good roots please post.
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Old 04-29-2019, 11:43 PM
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I grow in coco as well. I use Canna Rizotonic get some great roots I also amend my coco with perlight 30% or so.Red light is said to stimulate root growth. I did add some HLG QB LED's red, deep red and far red to my LED Veg that I can control stretch with some strains like bulky Indica strains, I get massive roots as well.

The red strips I use for flower run 15 min before lights on and 15 after this simulates sun rise , set.

Here's a link:

I did post a pic of some Shark Shock in the bud shot section check it out if you like..
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Old 04-30-2019, 06:33 PM
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I have only tried cannazyme.I now use an enzyme called Pondzyme and it does better than cannazyme and costs less than a penny a dose per 50 gallons of water.
I’m starting to think good roots indoors might be genetics because some females or pheno types have great roots others not that great.
I have let a gallon sized root ball form then transplant into 5-10 gallons for bloom and gotten great plants.
Sticking clones in a cube in 3 gallons has worked but only after picking the best pheno for roots.
There’s another product called Tribus that’s similar to cannazyme but it’s as expensive as AN.
There’s got to be a way to form a good root system without the bottled supplements and they are high in preservatives.
I boiled some willow tree bark from young branches but it molded before I could use it.
I’m going to try coconut water also and see how it does for roots.

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