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Old 01-22-2019, 07:17 AM
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Default Want to do large-scale growing marijuana?

What do you think are the pros and cons ??
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Old 01-22-2019, 07:25 AM
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I think it depends on the country of residence ... The main thing is that you have it allowed! And hire these girls to work!
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Old 01-22-2019, 07:29 AM
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Thank you, I will definitely consider the advice! And tell me what area is better to rent?
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Old 01-22-2019, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Cazamenas View Post
I think it depends on the country of residence ... The main thing is that you have it allowed! And hire these girls to work!

G `day Caz

Very cool use of a hyperlink . NOT !

Human trafficking and prostitution are taken very seriously in western countries .

I would advise discretion with your SPAM . Some one could very easily take offence and make a phone call to the relevant authorities .
Putting the people promoting this illegal operation in focus of law enforcement agencies and liable for prosecution and incarceration .

I suspect the sub set of cannabis growers in New Zealand who also use the services of prostitutes would be very small .

Surely there are other media that would target your demographic better than a low traffic volume cannabis seeds forum site ?

Thanks for sharin

EB .
Legio mihi nomen est, quia multi sumus

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Old 01-22-2019, 11:49 PM
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Good luck paying the wages that those girls want per hour.

Here in Oregon where growing is legal with a license, you can grow acres of Cannabis. Indoors or out. Even more if it is hemp. But the margins are thin as there is an oversupply of weed here in state. Also there are mites and other pests that are a problem, so you have to spray a lot with state-approved pesticides and miticides. Also you have to go through a lot of hurdles and hoops to get a license, and the list is long for requirements here. Like fences, security cameras, having armed response alarms, cash-only business, managing employees, getting permits to handle and transport weed, using pre-approved labels and bags, harvesting and trimming your weed, storing and testing all weed for pesticides and mold as well as %THC and %CBD, finding a buyer for your weed, and lots of other overhead issues. In California you have to pay about $10 an ounce to the state for all the dry weed that you grow, and pay $5 a square foot per year to the county for a permit to grow weed there. There are also all kinds of restrictions about where you can grow and cannot grow in both states. Zoning and land use evaluations are required, as well as water rights and electrical impact evaluations. Indoor growing has a high overhead for electricity as well. It can easily become overwhelming.

Now if you want to grow large scale guerilla grows? There are lots of issues with that as well. Mainly with getting ripped off, getting busted, and also with mites, bugs, and finding a buyer. As well as having a good water supply, keeping it a secret, and security. Also there is overhead with harvesting and trimming. I have found trimming to be the most labor intensive in the growing process. The more you grow, the more you have to trim. It can take me a month to trim out all my weed here every year. I grow on a small scale, and I can have up to 58 plants at any given time growing here with my permits. But even that can be overwhelming for a one man operation.
Landrace and heirloom seed collector/trader.

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Old 01-23-2019, 01:30 PM
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Best place would be in Canada since it's legal now, takes lots of autorization but you can do it in the whole country
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