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Originally Posted by tazmcd View Post
hi , my experienced mates do it they know what theyre doing and increase light to lower bud sites as soon as my mate sees a leaf its off we had many a fight about it , i tried it on one and not on another of the same clone , the deleaf one tooks two weeks mor to finish evertime i plucked a leaf it wouldnt grow for 3 to4 days and a few small leaflets would replace the leaf creating a leafer bud , only my observation , my mate plucks the hell out of his chooks and hes happy , try it you wont do harm , everyones different , one thing i noticed was once i started plucking i found it hard to stop . t
you mentioned leafier buds , i too see that , and i even notice it in pics posted from people claiming plucking the leaves to be a good thing , they seem to think that bud thats jam packed with little leaves is a good thing i guess because there bud appears bigger

look closely next time someone posts a hi def pic and see

its also something ive mentioned a couple/few times in this forum and leaf pluckers seem to avoid responding to it

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