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SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:09 PM

Let's try this again.
Now that the b00b has started puking on the floor out back I will now begin again to share new details of my evolution as a grower and a DIYer.

Because of the troll problem here at MNS and how they trashed my first thread I have created a work-around that doesn't give me the power to delete disruptive posts but it does give me the ability to not invite them into the relavent part of the thread.

This way I can share my story without ignorent disruption and if anyone cares to read and make a legitimate comment or ask a question I will quote that post and carry it back to the relavent discussion along with my response.

Logistically it'll be a bit of a pain for me but at least any that care to read my thread won't have to scan past 20 or 30 ignorent posts to get to something ganja related.

I will update the 'last relavent page' link in my signature as needed and I will bump the thread when new info has been added so all who wish to follow can just click that link to return to the discussion.

Thank you all for your patience, SOG

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:12 PM

Hello good people, my name is SOG and i am a member over at ICMag and it seems one of our trolls has come over here and stirred up a whole bunch of crap and is using my name to slander one of your good members so i thought maybe i'd stop by and clear things up.

Peace, and stay safe, SOG

i will be adding new pages from the saga of SOG for any still willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and, more importantly, for those yet to come who are not already embroiled in this trollish episode just as soon as i finish sweeping the manure into piles.

all future readers now have the option of wading through the cesspool or using the links in my sig to jump directly to the next page with relevent postings, i would suggest that you scan through the toilet and make note of the names as these are most of the current house trolls so you will know who to avoid in the future.

MNS house trolls identified here.

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:13 PM

Now let me see if i can post up a few pics of my early work when i started out growing under CFLs, it was in this apartment where i had louvered doors on my closet and it was in this closet that i used Panda plastic to section off a little grow space.

Anyway, my friend is here and packin' the bubbler is way more immediately important than this, lol.

Peace, SOG

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:17 PM

Good morning folks, i've been going through pics of my older work and i find that there isn't much left online from my first year of growing, most of that was posted on which shut down for good some time last year, until i get a new pc my earliest work will have to remain a mystery, lol.

Fortunately, there is still enough from my CFL days to at least give you some idea of how i got my start and some of my early struggles learning to not fuck things up, lol.

Anyway, here are some pics that sorta show the closet and my Panda grow 'tent'.

...first, the exhaust, a 265CFM blower with a Can2600 for a scrubber.

...the hole on the left was the original exhaust exit hole, my grow has been a study in change, lol.

...heres a shot of my custom 'flange', lol. here is a shot of the space way in the back of my closet where i popped my first beans although like i already said, this is about a year later.

...btw, if there are any noobs reading this, failures and losses are not really failures unless you give up, when i started i popped 30 bagseed beans and managed to kill them all but, as bummed as i was, i didn't give up, instead i popped 30 more and of those only 5 survived.

Fortunately for me, 4 of those 5 were female which provided me with all i needed to teach myself to clone so that that bagseed kept me supplied for more than a year. the moral of the story is 'don't give up', ...if you keep trying after a loss, you haven't failed, hopefully instead you have learned a new way to not do things, now you can try something else, lol.

Peace, SOG...

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:18 PM now heres a few shots looking into that louvered closet where you can see me transitioning back to the dirt, ...i started in dirt but switched to DWC after a few months and loved the accelerated growth rates but hated all the clean-up and what-not that went with hydro, dealing with root-rot for the first time was no fun, lol.

...the picture above shows the last 2 of 4 DWC bins i used in that closet surrounded by plants in coke bottles, by this time i'd discovered DrBud's work and was struggling to emulate what he was already doing.

...btw, for them that might be interested, those bins were 27quarts and i cut holes for 8 DIY net pots made from 9oz solo cups, i was running, and have always run, a high-density micro-SOG and when i ran all 4 bins in that closet each bin had its own light-bar with approx. 200watts of 23 and 26 watt bulbs and i was harvesting 1 bin every 2 weeks and yeilding almost 4 zips per bin.

Those last 2 show mostly the coke bottle plants but they are still in that closet, like i said, my grow has always been a study in change as i learn new things, ...for me growing has been a constantly evolving journey of self-discovery.

Peace, SOG...

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:20 PM heres a few shots of my bonsai mothers from back then.

...i was living through stressful times back then and so i was experimenting with bondage play which i have since put aside, it was fun but i'm a lazy phuck by nature so it didn't take long for me to become disenchanted with LST.

Peace, SOG

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Sensimilla13 (Post 134908)
Great acronym! The plants you posted look very nice and healthy, and very familiar to me...any chance you'll share what they are if you know? I had a cut of Nebula that I selected from Paradise seeds in about 2001-02 that minus the pink pistils looked EXACTLY like that.

Welcome to MNS, this place will try your patience sometimes but there can be a lot of good things going on here too!


High man, sorry i didn't respond last night but my access really is limited, especially when the weather is bad. ...i ALMOST forgot to respond today, lol.

Anyhow, the one with the pink pistils was a Road Kill Skunk that had no skunky qualities and that the guy who gifted it to me admited that he may have mislabeled that batch of clones. i guess my answer is, 'i haven't a clue', lol. I only kept that around for about 6 months, it wasn't bad but it wasn't all that special either, it's best quality was those pink pistils, lol.

Peace, SOG

...btw, thanks for the props on the username although, as it happens, my choosing that name was pure serendipity. The fact is i spent the first 2 years of my growing under a different username and only changed due to a brain-fart when i linked that persona to a physical street address through an online transaction.

...after that i got VERY paranoid and actually erased my former self from a couple of forums.

...anyway, it was then that i re-invented myself as 'someotherguy', i wanted a name that would help remind me to stay humble and that would have a tenuous connection to my former self, i wasn't trying to run away from my work i was merely trying to cover my ass.

...and it was pure dee luck that my new initials were SOG as i honestly didn't see it until i posted my first post under the new name, lol, ...and i have ALWAYS grown SOG style so i guess i'm now stuck with 'someotherguy' although 'someOLDguy' would have worked too, lol.

(lets see how long it takes for the trolls to discover that old username and use it to call me 'liEr', lol)

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by sativaXindica (Post 134914)
Greetings SOG,

Like sensi13 said, great handle! Welcome to MNS man and looking forward to your story and also your grow. I felt privileged to find my way here and with a little time you'll see why. To me, MNS represents a wealth of knowledge. From the folks behind the company and the members of this forum. Welcome.

Best Regards


Thanks man, I appreciate the welcome.

...btw, that Road Kill wasn't the only skunk in my house, heres a couple shots of Pepe, my favorite dry piece, i never leave home without him, lol.

Peace, SOG

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:25 PM

...because i like pictures AND i have them AND they are of that time period, here are a few shots of my bubble cloner, worked great but it was always more effort than i liked so i retired this after about a years use.

...btw, i chose that bin for my cloner because it's the same footprint as my DWC bins, both made by the same company, even with identical, interchangeable lids. ...i chose these in part BECAUSE they were so much alike, just one deeper and taller, and also because they are made from a very sturdy, heavy guage plastic that, being black, needed no mods to be lightproof.

...heres a couple shots at work, here you can see my custom 'neoprene' collars at work, lol. (i bought a 4ft piece of pipe-wrap insulation and cut it into 1inch lengths to wrap stems instead of pipes)

...btw, in that pic above, the cloner lid is on one of the DWC bins while to the left is the cloner with a lid from one of the DWCs, ...the pipe-wrap wouldn't work here so i had to improvise.

...anyway, like i said, i retired this years ago.

Peace, SOG...

SomeOtherGuy 12-01-2011 12:27 PM, how about some CFL flower shots from that time period before i come out of the closet, it were, lol.

...btw, these are those High Ends.

Peace, SOG

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