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Japanfreak 11-15-2010 10:26 PM

I'll be using this as a base for my trolling activities. Simple put, without a log I can't remember who I'm fucking with.I normally troll about 18 hours a day. It's to compensate my small penis size really.

I have a very K.I.S.S. style of trolling.
I use hempy tubs ( I idolise that man)and grow in closets usually feeding about once a week. I fart a lot where I live so I don't have the best control of my environment. It stinks but nothing major but good enough for me. Who needs carbon filters.

It all started with Hempy you know, the man's a fucking genius. He laid it all out so that even an idiot like myself could grow top weed. Why troll him you ask? It's just my little twisted way of showing that I really care about him. If only I could be famous for something like Hempy. My achievements suck really. If only you knew how lonely I am, everybody hates me. I think I'm going to cry!

Day 37 flower, 250 watt MH agro-sun bulb, 6 Chronics
Recently I haven't been happy with my Chronic so I started some new chronic seeds to refresh my garden. The taller ones in the middle are the old chronic and I have two phenos on either side. Even though you'd think the tall ones are the keepers those are the ones I'm not satisfied with.

Day 7 flower, 400 watt mh agro-sun, 6 Chronics, 1 Killer queen, 2 NL#5, 1 GHBK
This garden is going to be a bit of a mess but I had to throw a variety of plants in here this round to get the cuts and I figure even though I'll have a shitty uneven canopy, I'll have a variety of smoke.

I have clones about ready to transplant to a third closet in a few days. I get at least a harvest a month and with the 3rd closet starting up it will be every 3 weeks or so, something always happening.

Japanfreak 11-18-2010 10:42 PM

New Garden

Finally got my new garden up and running today, maybe giving myself a week to clone was being a little too optimistic :D

This is an ikea closet with a smaller closet on the right that I've filled with mothers and a mini aero-cloner, 250 watts flower chamber on the right.

I've just filled the flower chamber with 6 rooted clones of Ghaze x Bubba Kush. This strain is not a great yielder but it produces nice hard buds in amazing speed. The quickest plant I've ever grown, you can take it at 45 days. I know you'd think that with the haze it would take a lot longer, but we've let it go up to 65 and there was not much difference.

I'm going to let these plants veg for 4 days or so just to get over any shock from the transplant.

Veg day 1 250 watts ghbk

Donald Mallard 11-19-2010 06:33 AM

hey jf ,, havent seen any of yoru grows before ,, looks like a nice set up ... always much respect for folks that can do good things in small spaces ...
nice to see you man ..

Japanfreak 11-19-2010 10:02 AM

I used to be low-mid size? with about 5k but the stress was too much for me :D

Unfortunately at my current location I'm not able to vent outside which really limits my ability to control my environment. In the future I just want to have a place to vent outside, then I think I might even just run 250's.

nutella 11-25-2010 12:03 AM

Nice set up JF and grow, look forward to the rest of the show :)

Bambi 11-25-2010 06:17 AM

I like your work'' - Ive just finished doing the same thing your trying to do with the chronic but myn is or was Yumboldt plant thats changed too much over a 5-6 year period,
I already knew they or tony couldent have kept using one in particular male like he did 5 years ago, so yeah all i could do were try and fix things, and my attempts were looking much much better, however this will never be exactly the same, but close to it of course, and as a f/2 yum its got no where near the same flavours, the main point here for my project was to use the RIGHT daddy the breeder most likely used many many moons ago,

has the chronic lost alot of its old traits you think,?
How does she go as a clone,?
They used to produce 1lb or elbow per plant as i recall, even a 400watt hydro could get extremely close to a pound of shit per plant,or bang on'

The other plants do look nice yes, your very keen and thats real good to see, keep it real mate.

ps: why can't, i hate this word, why cant you exaust vent the gro? is it already outside or something, if your in a house then vent it back out into the house, heats the house in the winter too, id do this as in using a false door made out of polythyrne and duct taped on one side and around the edges till it fits the space or door entery.

budding grower 11-25-2010 08:02 AM

Nice plants Otaku!:) what size is the cab with 250 in?

Japanfreak 11-25-2010 10:06 AM

lol, otaku :D Once the maid cafes become topless I might join their numbers :D

I got 2 Ikea closets that are about 90 wide 2 meters high and 60 deep and one closet which is a little smaller built into the apartment.

I'm not able to vent to the outside because there's a sidewalk inches from my window, this is Tokyo growing. I'm forced to just recirculate the air in the room and cool the room the closets are in with a air-conditioner which also exchanges air with fresh air from outside. I got 2 phat filters and a DIY charcoal filter so there is no smell from the next room. I'm looking for a bigger apartment with 2 floors so I can have a room just for my closets. Hopefully this year. Right now with closets closed up even with the air-con on max the temps can get up to 40c and down to 12c in the winter. Not the best conditions to grow in but you make do with what you got.

I bought the chronic seeds about 5? years ago and popped half of them and found one that I thought was alright but over the next few years it started changing, the number of fingers on the leafs reduced and the total yield dropped way down. The high and smell/taste are the same though. I popped the remaining seeds recently but the seeds looked like shit, almost white so I wasn't expecting much. I got males and females though I pollinated them. Unfortunately one of the females I got looks like it's almost autoflowering.

Now I have a few hundred seeds though so hopefully slowly I'll find a keeper

Dawn 11-27-2010 05:53 AM

Very nice grow for such a small space. How do you like the hempy buckets? Where does the water go? I didn't see a fan in your pictures, do you have one? If not you might get a small clip on fan or something. You said your plants have changed over the years and you are not happy with them but I think they look great for what you have to grow in. Look better than mine and I have lots of space. Most of my plants tend to yellow toward the end of their cycle. I don't think this is unusual at all. I grew some purple kush once that didn't have yellowing but that was about all. That PK stayed super small even though I grew it for 9 months. The buds were small too. I was frustrated and didn't clone it but it turned out to be the best bud ever. :o Wish I had cloned it now. My point is maybe you should try the PK as it stays small. The taste is blueberry and it is extremely smooth. The smoothest ever I'd say, and quite a relaxing euphoric enjoy yourself high. Of course if you are growing for others than yourself it might not do. Anyway, I hope to see more pics soon.

Be blessed,

Japanfreak 11-27-2010 11:18 AM

I like growing in this style because it's a nice fit for apartment growing on a small scale in Japan where the summers are super hot and the electricity is limited to 30 amps. I used to do dwc but I realized I could add another light for the juice of the chiller I was using.

1 of the closets has a fan outside with a scoop near the bottom but the other 2 just rely on negative pressure.

Seeds are illegal here now but a friend is hooking me up with some purple this or that, forget the name. Generally I like to go for 65 day strains. Japanese don't seem to like the more sativa leaning highs for some reason.

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