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Old 10-08-2010, 08:20 PM
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Default Shanti, your the best and now your in my garden!!

I was so excited to open my mailbox today. It's been so long since I have grown Shanti's gear and I have NO excuse for it. Many of you might remember my initial post, but the very first commercial seeds I grew...and I want to say it was 2000, was Shit and I loved her. Sadly, my physical disability has gotten so much worse and I simply need more pain killing power these days. I received Medicine Man and ASH at Shanti's and another members recommendation and they are going in dirt tonight. In fact, I am tossing some strains I know won't work as well just to make room for them. I am not a recreational smoker, but a legit medical user and I am pleased as punch to finally have Shanti back in my garden. There are many breeders I love and I actually know personally and I have met, but Shanti has a special place in my heart and now in my garden.

Shanti, cheers mate for getting this gear out to me. It's amazing to see a breeder put the health and care of others before himself. I wish the entire breeding world would look at him and a couple others and take note. I appreciate you, your work and the fact that YOU CARE!! Your something else brother and I mean that in a good way. There are a couple more like you, but not many.

Peace, cheers and thank you!!
Now, Let's get growing!!!!!!!!!

"Worshiping the Lord, Shantibaba"
Hemp can change the world. Medicine, paper and clothing that can outlast and other natural fiber. No wonder Corporate America want's it illegal.
A Fairy tale start's with "Once upon a time" and a
fishing tale start's with "This is no bullshit!"
Capt. Phil Harris

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