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SativaFan 01-22-2009 04:30 AM

SSH2 x SSH1 2009 Winter/Spring
Hey everyone!!

I put some seeds in my germination rig for my next grow.

These seeds are from my f1 SSH2 female and f1 SSH1 male. SSH2 was grown out last winter and spring.

I've previously grown seeds from SSH5 and SSH6. Plants grown out from their seeds made excellent plants in all respects.

SSH2 was a large, vigorous sativa dominant SSH phenotype. Even though she was pretty heavily seeded, the weed was very very good. My girlfriend called it "sex weed" if that helps you out. hehehehe

I simplified my germ rig. Same black plastic tray. No plastic bags. Two layers of paper towels, wetted with chlorine free water. Dunno pH and don't care.

Then I fold the third layer over top of the seeds...making certain that everthing is wet, but no water sloshing around in the tray.

I cover the tray with cling wrap with a small hole for venting.

Place the tray on a seedling heating mat on my veg shelf. The bottom of the tray is insulated from direct contact with the seedling mat with a cotten washcloth. I'll be checking the rig several times a day. The towels MUST NOT DRY OUT. period.

I put 45-50 seeds in the tray to germ. I'll put the first 18 in 3 1/2" square nursery pots. The soilmix is some I've had sitting in a tote for months. It should be fine for new seedlings. I have another bin with soil from last grow that I'm refurbishing. I'll eventually blend it into the older soilmix. Pics in next post.

I plan on putting the first 18 under 12/12 at 2 weeks max this time. I want to keep the size more managable than I did last tow grows of these SSH x SSH crosses.


Here is SSH2 on Day 24 of flower. Seeds from this grow came from this plant.

She was about 18" tall when flipped to 12/12. She is about 4 feet tall here on Day 24. Very aggressive plant.

SativaFan 01-22-2009 04:37 AM

Here's my soil mixes. The bin with the perlite bag is soil from my last grow. I Refurbished it with soil amendments I'll list after while when I edit this.

The bin on the left is soilmix I made up last spring, then added to last fall...and now I'll add to in a few weeks. So it's impossible to tell you exactly what proportions of what are in the final soilmix.

I can say what I added to the old soil Im recycling(will when i edit this later). That's how I keep from overdoing anything....Add the amendments before mixing with old, good, ready to go soil.


barletta 01-22-2009 06:12 AM

Dood, miracle gro perlite is not organic! :) KIDDING, lol :)

That ssh takes me back to the 3 I ran in the 'hot and light intense' closet. HAPPY! You weren't kidding with the seed production, either. Just think, $10 bux a bean... :D

Deffo wanna see these grow. Plus you have inspired me to clean my stove top. 2moro. :)

herbmister 01-22-2009 10:17 AM

is right SatFan,

great start mate ill be watchin this one :)

wat are you lookin for from the 18 youl run

later dude

Jamie 01-22-2009 12:24 PM

"Jamie pulls up a chair" :)

MAN thats some seed collection you have - I can't wait to start seeding my own plants (that sounded a little bit kinky - but you know what I mean) - I'm currently in the rather unique position of having a house full of grow equipment and no seeds despite them being for sale in no less than 4 shops in my town alone...anyone want to buy a vespa? (joke!)

(sorry for the thread hijack SatFan - But I actually greatly value your on the subject of seeds - one of the places by me has the following offer...

1. AMNESIA 10 seeds from €24.00 down to €9.50
2. Top 44 10 seeds from €24.00 down to €9.50
3. White Widow 10 Seeds from €30.00 down to €9.50

now my question is, should I hold out til I can afford decent genetics (ie seeds from here) OR should I spend the tenner and use the grow as a learning experiance and hope for a result?...chances are I'll screw it up at some point and murder them all with nutes or something anyway? In another thread I was kindly adviced to sprout some bagseed while I was awaiting funds..but I can't help but think widow would be a nicer option.


SativaFan 01-22-2009 02:18 PM

Hey Barletta, Jamie, Herb:

hehehehehehe...Miracle Grow..oh yeah. I saw some idiot over on ICMAG knocking MG perlite saying it wasn't "organic" perlite...whatever in the hell that is.

I cleaned that stove top just for pics LOL!!!Nah. just kidding.

I can make a case for buying good seeds....from Mr Nice of course.
I can make a case for bagseed.

You can grow some very good plants from bagseed. The thing is you'll never know for sure what you're going to get. Well cared for bagseed plants can produce VERY good smoke though.

Growing quality genetics like Mr Nice strains gives you assurance of what you'll get....with in the limits of the strain.

So it's hard to advise you on that score. IF you have the money, I'd buy the MrNice gear of your choice. Then you can always do like I did--make a few seeds. As you can see, I have enough seeds to grow for a couple lifetimes :)


I'll end up selecting 4-5 out of the 16-18 seedlings I pot up in 3 1/2" pots. Since I have a lot of seeds to mess with, I can afford to germ 45-50 and select just a few.


Jamie 01-22-2009 02:32 PM

True, by waiting and getting "the good stuff" I can get cracking with the "being sorted for life" bit eh... I'm just very impatient/excited right now :)

edit - I'll start reading up on gibberellic acid too :)

SativaFan 01-23-2009 01:01 AM

Hi all:

In less than 24 hours I have a few seeds already germing. Saw a few cracking with the tap root just peaking out. I'll be getting my 3 1/2" pots filled with soil mix this evening. I like to fill the pots with soil, then water thoroughly. Let the pots drain overnight. Then plant the seeds in them.

After the seeds are planted, all I need to do is mist the top of the soil to keep tha top 1/4" moist, NOT saturated. Seedlings need air/O2 as much, if not more than they need to be drowned in their soil. The soil below about 1/2" from the surface doesn't dry out quickly at all...especially if you keep that top 1/4" moist. Where's that moisture going togo? Seedlings have no root structure to speak of for days. Overwatering seedlings is a common mistake with many growers.


barletta 01-23-2009 02:27 AM

Lotsa truth to that one SF. I start my seeds in a similar fashion (pop em then plant em), and when the seeds lag a lil poppin up, I have a tendency to want to do SOMETHING. I have better success if I do nothing, then in a few days mist... I still occasionally kill seeds my by drowning them.

Can't wait to see your plants, dood :) I have ~15 'full batch' ssh f2's just pokin up now. I FINALLY got the 400 back on em. I was running the f1's ~ a month behind you last winter/spring, and I was looking at yours the whole time!!! It will be cool to see the diversity in each of our f2's.

SativaFan 01-23-2009 02:43 AM

Hey B!!

Yeah I think this might be my best effort so far. I always like to see how a new batch will turn out.

I know what you mean though. Our tendency is to "help" the seeds/plants along...when the best thing is : Leave the f'in plants ALONE!! We tend to forget about how seeds germ "in nature". They get shitall for "help" :)

I also just got done changing my ducting on my blower. I went to 6inch insulated ducting. The only 4" section is where it passes through my hydrohut's wall. I didn't notice a big difference ...but then the filter has NO activated carbon it it right now. I'm changing it out soon as I get more(dunno where from yet)

I also got inside my "hut" and zipped it up from the inside. NO light leaks at all except where the zippers come together. Those two leaks are taken care of when the outside flaps are closed with added velcro. I was thinking I might see some around the vent flaps around the bottom of the back and two sides. Didn't happen. Light tight.

And I can't recommend zipping yourself up in a Hydrohut mini if you're the least bit afraid of tight spaces LOL. It took me a few mins to get the main vertical zipper to come down. LOLOLOL. I didn't have my cell with me either. Can you imagine explaining to ANYone how you trapped yourself in a grow tent? hehehehee


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