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Old 07-27-2018, 06:58 PM
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Default Who has used Garden Type Granulateed 19 19 19-0 0 60 for Indoor/Outdoor Container Gardening?

Whos using/used this method?? I did add Kelp for Trace Minerals, and 1 could also add .4lb Azomite

I tried to mix a 19-20-39 formula as close as possible. Im pretty sure Im very close. I used a basic guide on how much to use per acre.

Base was 3.8 cu/ft Promix Bx.
I used 19-19-19... 3.65oz
0 -0 -60....2oz
Kelp Meal 300 Grams
.4lb Azomite

34 LEVEL TSP Calcitic Lime x 17 LEVEL TSP Dolomitic. Level tsp. NOT Heaping.

Water with Plain Water, and 1- 1.25tsp Epsom Salts per 5 gallons water. Seedlings get 1 tsp. Larger veg plants get 1.25 tsp in veg around week 5

1st/2nd week flip/flowering slightly up magnesium to 1.6tsp/5 gallons
In 3rd/4th weeks of flowering on an 8 week strain I feed Monopotassium Phosphate 1 tsp per 5 gallons, and feed every watering for weeks 3-4 only. Also slightly increase Magnesium. Week 4 gets 2 tsp/5 gallons,

Weeks 5-6 gets more Magnesium 1 Tblsp/5 gallons water.

Weeks 7-8 get 2.5 tsp per 5 gallons.

Basically all I did was use plain water, and increase Mono Potassium Phosphate and magnesium at certain times.

The plants are doing great, with no signs of burn, or deficiency. Its seemingly so far superior to mixing granular with water, and feed/water that way.

They've been in the containers for a month and a half now, and are starting to stretch. Thee are outside in 10 galln Growbags.

Strains are.

Swami Organic Seeds
Blue Orca x RKS/Uruapan

Coastal Seeds.. Puck Yeah

The Hog
Bodhi Mt Goji
Hazeman G13 x Hashplant
Mr Nice SSH
Dr Atomic.. Atomic Lights
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