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Old 11-17-2014, 10:50 PM
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Default The girls are doing marvelous

I can hardly wait, to post pics of my five strains, for you all. After they all perk up from recently bring tranplanted from Pro Mix soil to 4" Rockwool and into my 2'x4' hydroponic root trays.
This batch have all been growing under this marvelous new CLW SolarStorm 880 LED panel.
It is so bright, just the glaring light will burn leaves, if it hangs too low to the plant canopy. It's been difficult to adjust too, as I have staggered a few strains and so some are much shorter than the others that have yet to be trained, clipped or anything. Yet growth is so compact on them, there is hardly very much internodal stretching between leaf sets or branch development and a couple outstanding, are turning into small bushy probable "Mothers.
Yeah, with do many healthy shoots. But no evidence of certain sex yet ;-)
So the light can be raised some, to get more height growth. And the primordial calyxes should begin to show their little visible pistol white hairs.
I have several awesome hobbies, thus is lays número uno.

Much gracias for taking the time to read these mph scrambled thoughts.

Advanced Nutrients, CLW SolarStorm 880 Method Seven Operator LED glasses, MH 1000, MH 400 Magical Butter II
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Old 11-26-2014, 12:56 AM
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Join Date: Nov 2014
Posts: 25
Default Excited and relieved

Some of my transplants were looking so sad and sickly down below, only a week ago, I was worried they might not even survive. Many of the lower leaves turned yellow and brown, and lucky for me, fed the plant, while the roots were getting reestablished in their new 4" Rockwool zone. The bottom main stocks are getting so very thick, for such short plants, & now I know they will be plenty strong enough to hold mucho bud/colas of weight.

When I post pics, it will be of all 4 strains of plants, all 20 plants as they have not shown any sexual differentiation as of yet. Any if I still have more than 10 after removing any males, with numbers not allowed, then they will be gifted to my friend when he can take them. It shouldn't be long now though, before some of the plants have enough internodes, showing primordial calyxes on either side of the leaf stems. They used to say it was between 9 and 11 internodes before any calyxes are visible to the naked eyes. That's why it's nice having a reasonably cheap hand held microsope, a small jewelers loupe, or even a decent magnifying glass. Add to them some reading glasses with strong lenses. Now You too, can then zoom right in up close and very personal, and see the miniature goings on that our regular vision can't quite pick up.
Some magnifying glasses have a smaller much stronger strength loupe built in.

Still laughing over, that I found a fat brown mottled seed on my bedroom rug last night, while kneeling down on all fours, searching for a nerd of hash I had accidently knocked off the night stand, with my Bee Line Hemp Wick twist. Flashlight in hand, It felt like being in some kind of opium fiends worst nightmare, while crouched down like that, "In a Search Of" just another hit,,, Ah hey ok, I found it... Man did that taste good too. 'Twas a 1/4g of sticky black on the outside green in the centre goodness...'

Later last night! I was up, also searching for some more awesome vids particularly from Jorge Cervantes, and I ran across this website.

bubblebagshash dot com.

Not sure if any of you are familiar with it, so I thought I would share it with you here today.
Only If that is ok by the forum mods?

Happy Growing...

Advanced Nutrients, CLW SolarStorm 880 Method Seven Operator LED glasses, MH 1000, MH 400 Magical Butter II
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