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Old 09-04-2012, 05:50 PM
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Wink K.I.S.S - a new experience

So I started growing my own medicine back in march of this year. I succesfully got thru a grow in my closet. Veggin under 150W HPS and Flowered under 400w HPS. Turned out about 200g. Hempy Buckets of course. Well since that grow ive had to change locations (plus) and pick up a partner(minus). So in the course of trying to make both our lives easier and grow some monster ganja plants we switched to K.I.S.S baby. Ive got a couple that are still on Technafloras line of nutes, but once they are done all will be on MaxiBloom.

Medium: 4 parts perlite: 1 part vermiculite

Veg- Sunsystem 4 tube 2 foot t5 (96w)& 32w 6500k CFL
Flower- 150w HPS Sunsystem Grow light & 250w HPS Flood light

Grow Space: 9x5 internal closet.Built a door with panda paper and the stick on zippers.

Ventilation: 4 inch inline fan and carbon filter. 12 Honeywell fan. Honeywell HEPA filter fan.

Nutes: 7g of Maxibloom/gal & 4ml of Pro-Silicate/gal on a feed-water-feed-water schedule

Now im already moved over and in the midst of this grow i just wanted to start an actuall thread for my kiss grow. So the first few pics are over the last few weeks.

07/20-Veg- moved over 3 veg plants. (1 grey- SSH,1 Grey and White bucket- White widow X Big Bud) The mother plant is in blue solo.

Flower-The new room with only 3 plants that were in flower during the move. only 250w HPS running ( Black pot- Super Silver Haze, Dr.Pepper 2L-Sour Diesel, and Dr. Perky 2L- SnowCap)

Veg-Took 16 clone cuts(rockwool & rapid rooters) and Ten of them made it. Got 3 cuts of snowcap and 3 cuts of sour diesel to keep the strains alive!! the rest were off of the mother plant you see pictured next to them which i believe to be Super Silver haze.

Flower- Moved three that were in veg in to flower(2wwXbb, and 1 SSH) . The 2 liters and black pot are in week 4 of flower and they are still getting technaflora "Recipe for Success" .

The most recent update.
Veg- The veg plants are doing great. Two of the Snowcaps, witch we have decided is the best looking and smelling, we xplanted into the 10L buckets from the start as soon as the clones took root. Unfortunately we dont have enough room so the rest had to go in solo cups.Everything in veg is looking great! Mother too!


A shot of All 6 of our flower delights!

Now a closer shot of the buds in flower. Snowcap Sour diesel and SSH....

These three are in week 5 of flower now. I did a flush on the roots 2 weeks ago. they are still on technaflora regime while everything else is Maxibloom. I have a real worry about the SSH . I have some serious browning on tips of sugars and nothing like ive seen before as far as nute burn.

If anybody can help with this i appreciate it.

The three in the back are on week 3. look at that SSH on the right... Shes my monster crop from my hempy bucket thread if anbody followed...a real monster.Gone to once a day watering!!
look at the training down there.. on all of them...I give credit to Kodiak and his LST thread. Its the shit!!
A Complete Guide to Topping, Training and Pruning

So yea thats where i stand right now. And everything is rolling to get a continuous production system going. This harvest will be adequate medicine for me and my P

thanks for all the positive vibes guys!! I enjoy having the company!

Well things have progressed rapidly in the VEG room. The two Snowcap clones we took (in flower) that we put in the larger buckets vs the solo cup, are exploding. This is another method taken from KODIAK's guide, the MONSTER CROP. I took a clone like this my first time and just watched how she basically trained herself and has turned into one beautiful plant. These guys are looking crazy with the single blade unserrated leaves. I really like this method. easy!

Here is Mother and the rest of the clones. I topped and started LST with the four tallest clones. I am using my Solo cup and Dental Floss method like i used in my hempy grow. We are planning on putting Mother here into flower in the next week or two as we have no plans to continue that strain (SSH). We are running out of VEG room and need more space and light. I would have rather xplanted when i topped and started the training, but lack of room we will have to wait. Our intentions on getting bigger plants faster by putting clones into big containers works! all the clones above were taken on the same day. and the two to the farthest left are Snowcap cuts(monstercrop) as well, only in a solo cup.

Flower Is rolling along beautiful!! I got a chance to look at trichs on all 3 of my eldest girls and the SourDiesel and Snowcap are looking splendid. They are so freaking dense with trichs, when i look at the snowcap it looks like snowflakes or ice viewed under a scope. I see how they got the name. The Sourdiesel is also looking twice as dense as any plant i produced in my first grow. Expecting them to be dank. Im at like 5% Amber right now the rest are mainly milky, so 10-14 days is what i expect. One more feed and flush we might think of starting. The SSH is still few more weeks off. These 3 are the three in the front. The three in the back are about 4 weeks in and Im thinking of introducing a Bloom booster. Ive got some awesome blossoms from technaflora left so i think i will supplement this with the Maxibloom to try and beef these babies up!! The three in the back again are 2 White Widow X Big Bud and 1 Super Silver Haze(the monster crop i spoke of earlier, in the back right corner!)

This update was brief b.c. Im exhausted from work. But i will elaborate more.
Stay up Stoners!

Well things could not be goin any better. First, for the new additions. My partner kept himself busy saturday by expanding our veg area and making some new bench tables. Now we had never planned on the bath tub and this section of the bathroom becoming our veg closet, but when something works i guess you gotta go with it. A good thing about this spot is that it is on the opposite wall of the flower closet. So the wall(on the right in pic) cuts right between these two rooms. This in turn will be easier to filter and get our old air out. Right now we have a 4in Fan and filter blowing from the flower closet into the Veg bathroom. From there everything is just staying in this room. Gets a little stinky at times, But there is already a Bathroom fan installed we plan on gettin another Carbon filter and fan and using the vent already created from the fan.So our final extraction would be going out the roof.

So my P put some well needed tables and more storage room in our Veg area. We plan on running all CFL in here. Heat is an issue. This next pic is a shot underneath the first table. This is our contraption we rigged up for our FRESH air intake into the Flower closet. This covers a a/c vent and runs through the wall(same one that seperates the rooms) into the closet. Before it gets into the closet we have a small 4 in booster fan that was taken out of an old freezer. Obviously getting cold air in is not our problem, this thing works great. Just wanted to document it on the thread even though its not new.

So alot of work we got done. 3 new tables and the storage space underneath them is perfect. We added 2 more 23w CFL bulbs above the table. The grow store was closed and all i could find was 5000k at lowes. Different spectrum should be good for them. Any more bulbs i add will be the 32w 65000k CFLs like the one that was over the mother plant(f1). I super cropped that bitch some because she was out of control, and put her in flower. She is a SSH and already at 2ft so i felt it a must to super crop because this strain likes to STRETCH. I also Xplanted the remainder of the clones(snowcap & Sour Diesel) that i took in flower( monster crop). SO the five big buckets in VEG are gonna be monsters.. Alot of progress and alot more room!!
---The newbie with the dewbie---
K.I.S.S.- A new Experience!(CURRENT)

Mattkilla420's Hempy Bucket grow!!{OLD}

"All you touch and all you see is all you'll ever be."-

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Old 09-04-2012, 05:51 PM
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Wink continued...


Viewed alot of trich's today and things look amazing. The density of them is just amazing. Im at about 60% MILKY 20% AMBER on the snowcap and sour diesel so i have began to flush them out . They will only get water until harvest. The SSH is only at about 50% milky so im thinking about 10-14 days behind the other guys. I cant wait to get a taste of these 2 new strains. I wanna eat them everytime i go into the room. The smells coming from the Sour Diesel and Snowcap are splendid. The trichs are swollen huge. All pistils have pretty much turned red I am basically just waiting on the colas to fatten and dense up in this last week or 2.

The back row is really starting to put on some bud weight. I can see the silica product working everyday. These are some beefy strong plants.I bumped the silica from 7ml to 4ml per gallon. which still may be too much. They just started week 4 of flower so i am going to supplement them with a bloom booster, since i already have one i dont have to buy. I will use technafloras awesome blossoms with the Maxibloom. I think i have figured it to between 1/4tsp and 1/2tsp per gallon. If anybody has experience using different lines of nutes with different let me kno.

i had a couple really shitty leaves just fall of one my plants. Like i barely bumped it and over 10 of them came off they did not look very healthy either. Its kinda hard to see the pale yellow green color but its there.

All in all it was a great holiday weekend. Got alot of progress made toward this Continous Production System
---The newbie with the dewbie---
K.I.S.S.- A new Experience!(CURRENT)

Mattkilla420's Hempy Bucket grow!!{OLD}

"All you touch and all you see is all you'll ever be."-
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Old 09-27-2012, 02:49 PM
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I wanted to show vent cap we got. This is where our 4in duct is run in flower closet. This is the opposite side. The air extracting from the closet actually helps cool the veg closet a few degrees.. Attachment 181607

9-6 veggin. Lots of LST at the moment Attachment 181608
2 weeks and we should have some candidates to head into flower as we harvest snowcap sour diesel and ssh in next weeks

.A very extensive couple days of work in the grow room. With temperatures outside changing and the a/c not running as it normally would moving lights and fans trying to get optimal temperature and penetration. A lot of LST going down on the clones, moving new girls to flower and most importantly I harvested my 2 2liter plants(grown all the way with technaflora) they were started on my hempy bucket thread.

these are my three girls going into flower closet. They are taking the place of the two 2l I just harvested and the ssh I plan to cut in about a week. All three of these are Monster crops. Clones Taken in the second week of flower, with minor LST, they have turned into all leaf and stem. Exactly what I wanted. Two are snowcap clones and 1 sour diesel clone

Here's what remain in veg as of now. These are all my ssh f1 cuts. We were least impressed with strain but still gonna grow it. The snowcap and sour diesel are def preferred. So the two in larger buckets are designated mothers, one snowcap one sour diesel

So here's the three new girls in there spot. Had to add a bench to get an even canopy. It a pain having 4 strains all on different weeks . As of now 3 new are sour diesel and snow cap. And 2 wwXBB AND 1 SSH IN THE back. My main focus is FILLING UP OUR SPACE. still only 400w in flower but I am ready for the next step (below)

i need better ventilation or to air cool it. B4 I think of putting it up. Don't have a glass for it either. This week is gonna be another packed week, gotta take numerous clones and get shit rolling. Overall I'm overly impressed with my growing experience I just want to take in more and more info.. Oh yea I'm adding a bag of CO2 next week, time to take off the training wheels.. I will post up my harvest pics later. Smoke on guys....

Well these two guys were started and vegged back at my old location where I had my first grow but finished off here at my perfect garden. These two plants are BAGSEED. But let me say this about this seed. The guy I buy from had to move about a LB of dank bud to find these two seeds. Who knows where his stuff comes from but it always comes with a name and always seems dispensary grade. With that said, I think i have found some good genetics here, and both the seeds came out female. What luck. These guys were grown with technaflora recipe for success. You can get the kit for like 50$ at the grow store and it will carry you well thru a grow, good for starters, like me. I mean look at these things gs. I personally don't like all the mixing and supplements so i'm now doing maxibloom.


Sour Diesel

---The newbie with the dewbie---
K.I.S.S.- A new Experience!(CURRENT)

Mattkilla420's Hempy Bucket grow!!{OLD}

"All you touch and all you see is all you'll ever be."-
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Old 03-12-2013, 09:01 AM
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Hi Matt. I've just recently started doing Hempy buckets and using Maxibloom. I started getting yellow leaf edges and yellow spots on my Black Widow, and wondered if 7 grams was too much and causing a burn. My next BW Hempy bucket I will just start with half a teaspoon and see if it helps. My plant looks healthy other than the dark yellowing - rest of leaf is green. My tap water is hard, and I always ph correct it with the maxi and ph down.

I saw earlier in this post that you had some issues with your SSH. What did you conclude was causing their problem? Your plants looked awesome, nice work.
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Old 03-15-2013, 03:58 PM
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Default Hey Matt

Hey bro.....I use the KISS method too and I will tell you what I like to do. I take a piece of paper and make a chute to pour the powder into the gallon jug. I use my digital scale to weigh the powder instead of measuring with a spoon. You can be so far off without thing that helps me is to also PH your runoff water and adjust it so the runoff water is the PH you want not the water going into your you might have to have water that it 4.9 going in but is 5.5 coming it?
I also use the liquid KOOLBLOOM in conjunction with the MAXBLOOM....I also use Fox Farms Open Sesame the first two times I put them in flower.

Hope this helps.....your plants are looking good bro. I like a little bigger pots, but I use soilless medium and not just pert in a hempy bucket.....the more root mass the bigger buds you thoughts......Take care and looking good.
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