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...because i like pictures AND i have them AND they are of that time period, here are a few shots of my bubble cloner, worked great but it was always more effort than i liked so i retired this after about a years use.

...btw, i chose that bin for my cloner because it's the same footprint as my DWC bins, both made by the same company, even with identical, interchangeable lids. ...i chose these in part BECAUSE they were so much alike, just one deeper and taller, and also because they are made from a very sturdy, heavy guage plastic that, being black, needed no mods to be lightproof.

...heres a couple shots at work, here you can see my custom 'neoprene' collars at work, lol. (i bought a 4ft piece of pipe-wrap insulation and cut it into 1inch lengths to wrap stems instead of pipes)

...btw, in that pic above, the cloner lid is on one of the DWC bins while to the left is the cloner with a lid from one of the DWCs, ...the pipe-wrap wouldn't work here so i had to improvise.

...anyway, like i said, i retired this years ago.

Peace, SOG...

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