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Originally Posted by Sensimilla13 View Post
Great acronym! The plants you posted look very nice and healthy, and very familiar to me...any chance you'll share what they are if you know? I had a cut of Nebula that I selected from Paradise seeds in about 2001-02 that minus the pink pistils looked EXACTLY like that.

Welcome to MNS, this place will try your patience sometimes but there can be a lot of good things going on here too!

High man, sorry i didn't respond last night but my access really is limited, especially when the weather is bad. ...i ALMOST forgot to respond today, lol.

Anyhow, the one with the pink pistils was a Road Kill Skunk that had no skunky qualities and that the guy who gifted it to me admited that he may have mislabeled that batch of clones. i guess my answer is, 'i haven't a clue', lol. I only kept that around for about 6 months, it wasn't bad but it wasn't all that special either, it's best quality was those pink pistils, lol.

Peace, SOG

...btw, thanks for the props on the username although, as it happens, my choosing that name was pure serendipity. The fact is i spent the first 2 years of my growing under a different username and only changed due to a brain-fart when i linked that persona to a physical street address through an online transaction.

...after that i got VERY paranoid and actually erased my former self from a couple of forums.

...anyway, it was then that i re-invented myself as 'someotherguy', i wanted a name that would help remind me to stay humble and that would have a tenuous connection to my former self, i wasn't trying to run away from my work i was merely trying to cover my ass.

...and it was pure dee luck that my new initials were SOG as i honestly didn't see it until i posted my first post under the new name, lol, ...and i have ALWAYS grown SOG style so i guess i'm now stuck with 'someotherguy' although 'someOLDguy' would have worked too, lol.

(lets see how long it takes for the trolls to discover that old username and use it to call me 'liEr', lol)

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