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Hello good people, my name is SOG and i am a member over at ICMag and it seems one of our trolls has come over here and stirred up a whole bunch of crap and is using my name to slander one of your good members so i thought maybe i'd stop by and clear things up.

Peace, and stay safe, SOG

i will be adding new pages from the saga of SOG for any still willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and, more importantly, for those yet to come who are not already embroiled in this trollish episode just as soon as i finish sweeping the manure into piles.

all future readers now have the option of wading through the cesspool or using the links in my sig to jump directly to the next page with relevent postings, i would suggest that you scan through the toilet and make note of the names as these are most of the current house trolls so you will know who to avoid in the future.

MNS house trolls identified here.

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