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Default Let's try this again.

Now that the b00b has started puking on the floor out back I will now begin again to share new details of my evolution as a grower and a DIYer.

Because of the troll problem here at MNS and how they trashed my first thread I have created a work-around that doesn't give me the power to delete disruptive posts but it does give me the ability to not invite them into the relavent part of the thread.

This way I can share my story without ignorent disruption and if anyone cares to read and make a legitimate comment or ask a question I will quote that post and carry it back to the relavent discussion along with my response.

Logistically it'll be a bit of a pain for me but at least any that care to read my thread won't have to scan past 20 or 30 ignorent posts to get to something ganja related.

I will update the 'last relavent page' link in my signature as needed and I will bump the thread when new info has been added so all who wish to follow can just click that link to return to the discussion.

Thank you all for your patience, SOG

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