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Originally Posted by PlantManBee View Post
I have one finishing up now. It's been on 11/13 for 2 days shy of 15 weeks. It might finish any day now, most of the calyxes are swollen but there are still new white pistils forming.

She's had a rough life. I started her at 11/13 and was forced to move before she or her brother showed sex. She went to a friends house for 10 day and he managed to kill almost everything I gave him....15 c99 clones and some other odds and ends. He kept everything in a shower-stall....basically everything on the verge of floating. He started with an 18/6 schedule but freaked out at the dying plants and switched to 24/0. only 4 plants survived.

She also survived some traumatic pH issues, but she is on track now. I vaped a few small calyx clusters and I must say she has a very sensual high....I got in the shower after toking up and the hot water felt sublime. I was laughing in the shower because water never felt so good.
try a jetted tub with the jets pointing ,,,,,,, erm thats prolly TMI

love your description of the high/effects

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