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Originally Posted by Chana Masala View Post
@ Hempy

You should know best Hempy.

As you stated about a million times you invented the hempy bucket. It was your single handed free thinking thought that created perlite in a pot. You got a lot of people telling you you are crazy, that doesn't work...

But when people saw the results of your bucket, you started a trend as you say!

What is the difference here. You got a good grower creating innovation through open discussion.

No you should no better mate in fact we all have A RESPONSIBILITY to the younger or less experience growers to keep the grow info correct and the reality is like it or not potency yield smell and more are genetic and as growers all we can hope for is to grow the plants best we can to allow the plant or plants to grow from seedling to harvest in the best conditions possible thats it its not rocket science is it.

As for me starting a grow method and trend as you call it well it is fact and reality like it or not 1000s and 1000s now use my method like i twisted any ones arm and told them use it or else get real here mate they use it because it is affective gives results and its simple not much more any one can hope for in a grow method is there.

No one is telling any one not to think out side the square but you guys are posting things that are not true and were talking basic stuff here.

Weather pasterns change conditions in a single day can very a great deal you guys do relies that right and as indoor growers what do we set out to achieve ?.

We set out to achieve out door grow conditions indoors we mimic nature you guys realize this right.

Even in a indoor grow space with controlled conditions it will change threw the day to from air pressure to moisture leaves in the air and so on do you really think that scientist that have access to million dollar grow rooms grow better cannabis than you or i no they dont its all about the genetics plain and simple.
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