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I do not think of affecting atmospheric pressure as 100% sealed at least in my application. I would just be more interested on the season of year, how the pressure affects my indoor environments and what I could do to increase potency, yield and overall quality with certain genetics. When would be optimal times for veg, bloom, take cutting, etc.
You guys are amazing your taking this site to levels not yet seen or even thort possible.

A grow room needs to mimic nature as best it can now you dont need to be a scientist to produce some of the worlds best cannabis from a grow space or do you need the most advanced grow groom to achieve it.

What you need is genetics as that and that alone will give you the quality of the end product and yield and the rest as thats all going to be determined by genetics found in the seed.

Grow method and skills also play a roll in the end result but all your doing is put simply is keeping the plant or plants happy and suppling all they need to thrive.

A grow space needs lite to mimic the sun an exhaust fan to remove the heat created by the lites and an intake to supply the room or space with fresh air and a fan to mimic wind as cannabis produces its own chemicals to help it rid and control pests.

If you guys wanted to be really smart you would set up a passive intake and as the exhaust exited the hot air from the space the vacuum created by the hot air leaving it would draw in fresh air at the same time.

Scientist did developed HPS and MH lites but it was not invented for growing but some one used them for growing and then at a later time specific bulbs were made for indoor growing or greenhouse supplement liteing as there was a market for them by then as more and more people started to use them.

Sativas have thin leaves because of the environment there found in and not the air pressure or the suns intensity by the way.

There leafs are thin and there branches and flower nodes are spreed and flowers are airy to take advantage of any air flow as there found in hot humid areas were it rains a lot also lots are found under jungle canapys were there only getting filted lite and yet they grow tall healthy and yield big.

Indicas have larger broader leaf mostly and are darker green almost black in some cases as they take advantage of any warmth they can and branches and flower nodes are much closer together again due to the colder temps and why they mold so much if grown in humid or wet areas.
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