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Originally Posted by Chana Masala View Post
Hi C, hi GMT!

Why so hostile about borther C knowledges. He is just sharing what he feels is valid. Maybe if you get a second you can read his MangoHz thread. Imho, ground breaking thoughts are discovered there, moreover, dealing with coloured light filters and how he applies different filters to increase yield.

I disagree, light radiates off the surface of the earth, plants, stuctures, large bodies of freash and salt water, etc. Light has everything to do with atmospheric pressure. Weather or rain is based on the evaporation of water into the atmosphere which is controlled by temperature regulated by the amount of time the sun shines in diffrent regions of the world.

As to having a controlled environment, I thought that is what an good indoor grower does...

first I'd just like to point out that I'm in no way knocking his growing skills. Just some of the "facts" stated in the thread.

An experiment you should run, take a plastic bottle, warm the air inside it and then put the cap on. Now put it somewhere a little cooler. Heating the air will expand it, it wont change the pressure within the bottle. However when you prevent that air from flowing freely, and then cool the bottle (and the air inside) it will contract, meaning that the pressure of the air inside the bottle will temporarily fall. The pressure outside of the bottle will then push on the outside of the bottle. The bottle will crumple until the volume of the bottle is reduced to that required to equalise the pressure of the air outside the bottle and that inside the bottle. Now picture how strong your tent will have to be to withstand this force on such a massive scale if trying to lower the pressure. That is the safe option. Now it imagine it in reverse. What do you imagine the opposite process is if you're trying to run higher pressure?

now as for light radiating from the earth. If you're talking about infrared radiation being released from the earth after the sun has transfered energy to its surface, then we can talk about how usefull that is to growing ie not at all, remember this is going on at night too, anyone ever seen the ground glowing?
Other than that, light comes to earth, not from it. And as for light travelling further depending on air pressure, this is just confused nonsense. Red light will bend to a greater degree in a moist air, but that is a whole different thing.
I'm happy to discuss science all day long, but hate pseudo science.
Rain is not based on the evaporation of water, it is possible to have very different humidity levels without rain falling, and it is possible to have rain in one place at a lower humidity level than exists in another place without rain falling. Whether or not the rain falls depends upon the air pressure present relative to the presence of clouds. Please tell me we're not now trying to create rain in the tent.
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