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Originally Posted by ganja man1 View Post
Certain scientists yes, other scientists no. So according to you, should I thank the inventor of abortions to ganja growing?

Greetings GM1,

Sorry, I don't get it? I hope it wasn't intended to be some sort of insult that doesn't make any sense. If it was, then you did a horrible job at trying to discredit what I'm saying.

I'm only implying that science has made it possible for us to be better indoor growers and without it we would only be growing outside when the seasons allow.

For example, if science proved that a certain atmospheric pressure was optimal for growing cannabis and increased a plants health, vigor, potency, yield, etc, and then created a "pressure monitor and adjuster" would you not utilize this equipment to better your grow?

Just like I utilize CO2 and carbon filters, I would also use a "pressure monitor and adjuster" to have ideal pressure in my grow. So what I'm saying is, without us talking about it and scientists researching it, we will never know if it is benificial or not. You said you want to better yourself as a grower, not as a scientist, but what you fail to understand is that it is the scientists that better us as growers.

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