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Originally Posted by ganja man1 View Post
But when it comes to knowing what's best for the plants, I'd rather listen to people with growing experience (who grow proper dank shit standing on their heads) than people with all these high qualifications in science. I'm a stoner after all who simply want to better myself as a grower, not a scientist.
Greetings GM1,

Well it is the phd's and scientist who have evolved us as growers. Does your friend use CO2? If so then he can thank scientists for that. Does he use nutrients? If so, he can also thank scientists for that too. You said he grows indoors as well, does he use HPS or MH or does he put the plants in the window? He can thanks scientists for the lights also. And I'm sure he dosen't use timers, ballast, A/C, dehumidifiers, and carbon filters, because he dosen't have a PHD? Right? But if he does, then tell that "50 year old geezer" your words, not mine, to thank the scientists for taking the time to better him as a grower.

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