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Hi C, hi GMT!

Why so hostile about borther C knowledges. He is just sharing what he feels is valid. Maybe if you get a second you can read his MangoHz thread. Imho, ground breaking thoughts are discovered there, moreover, dealing with coloured light filters and how he applies different filters to increase yield.

Originally Posted by GMT View Post
air pressure changes every day and at different times of the day. it is responsible for whether or not it will rain etc. Unless you live in a place where the weather is the same every day, and all day and all night, and the temp never changes, then trying to work out what the air pressure is in that area is nonsense. It changes. Not to mention you would need an air tight chamber, and air compressors regulating the air pressure inside it in order to control the air pressure. And red and blue light has nothing to do with air pressure. Sorry but this thread is full of nothing but nonsense.
I disagree, light radiates off the surface of the earth, plants, stuctures, large bodies of freash and salt water, etc. Light has everything to do with atmospheric pressure. Weather or rain is based on the evaporation of water into the atmosphere which is controlled by temperature regulated by the amount of time the sun shines in diffrent regions of the world.

As to having a controlled environment, I thought that is what an good indoor grower does...


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