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Originally Posted by ganja man1 View Post
Hmmm. I too like healthy, friendly, RELEVANT discussion. However, when it deviates from ganja growing and heads towards scientific jargon, I tend to switch off.

And to measure all sorts of varying pressure inside a tent requires appropriate measuring devices, adjustable fans etc, such as instruments used by the weather people in order to deliver the weather on the news.

Guess I'm a thicko lol, so I'll leave this thread to the boffins.

Greetings GM1,

Completely understandable. Scientific data can be confusing and hard to comprehend for some people, so I understand if it is a little over your head. A lot of the times it is over my head as well. But that does not mean that it is not relevant or important to ganja growing. Scientest have been defining this world since day 1, so when it comes to plant growth science is what makes it all possible to understand why plants thrive in some conditions and struggle in others.

Even though tools are needed to measure pressure and calculations have to be made, the end result is scientific data that applies to all of us growers whether we use the information or not.

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