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Originally Posted by ganja man1 View Post
OK, take some growers in Denver. Some at sea level and some at 5000 feet. All experienced growers growing the same strains, same lights, nutes and blah blah blah. Would you not agree that yields are bound to vary? As in both good and bad yields at both sea level and at 5000ft?
Greetings GM1,

To answer your question, yes, I think that not only yields, but plants health and growth among other things MAY vary, but I can't say with certainity because this is not something that I have researched or discussed in the past. Thats why a tread like this proves to be very benificial in discussing different outcomes for different growers at different elevations along with scientific data that has been tested in the past.

Along with elevation, some people, like myself, who have tents can replicate different pressure simply by exhausting more or less air out of there tent which in return creates different pressure in the tent.

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