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howdy GMT

how you do?

am interest to read you opinion more. perhap you wish to elaborate?

am not credit scientist....rather simple human to experience life. such variable within life difficult isolate. am agree you speculate with respect to ideal condition with respect to monitor and analysis barometric pressure. within nature constant only change. hehe

air pressure have relation with many other variable such each individual. temperature, humidity, and more. infinite variable dance with to each other. not for exclusive temperature with not barometric pressure.

at how such barometric pressure affect variable such temperature and humidity and more provide variance and spectrum with to population, variety, and individual express trait. such nature, such environment total.

am interest you judge harsh such lovely topic with not important when am opinion total variable important, then with alternate perspective not any variable important.

such important with applicable parameter and individual opinion.

one perspective each variable no more no less important to another. such dance mother nature dance, with music vibration and vision and sensory illustration. touch smells to see and more nature allow for many interpretation.

am interest to barometric pressure with respect to agriculture and specific cannabis. barometric pressure help to make weather and weather trend help to define climate. am certain not alway climate steady, such life always to constant change. with respect to human perspective, climate and location such to include barometric pressure place on plant such cannabis pressure with respect to display trait.

thank you to discuss....much respect you opinion.

one perspective with respect to extreme low pressure such alternate planet mars, much research from various space explore research available. much with respect to low pressure, extreme low pressure environment. vague analysis with respect to low and extreme low pressure one perspective....plant within such environment work much hard and perhap rapid transpire and lose much moisture. some time to where plant close stomata to fend death.

am interest with respect to hypobaria resistance within cannabis with same interest to temperature resistance and other variable to affect weather, environment, and more.

with alternate perspective to low pressure environment....with respect to fruit that ship across globe. with low pressure environment transportate fruit often arrive same day fresh many day to travel. ethylene ripen affect.

with not discount cannabis and various species and variety, am unsure to include such research lettuce and wheat. one perspective to illustrate not all species react similar with respect to low pressure environment.

attachment with respect to copy paste....
'Effect of low pressure [(LPS) at 50kPa] on growth of lettuce and wheat seedlings. Notice that the lettuce seedling (left) has greater shoot and root growth than the ambient (100 kPa) lettuce plant, whereas the wheat plant (right) is only slightly larger (+10%) at low pressure (He et al., 2003)'

positive vibration
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