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Default NL5 X Afghan wherefore art thou?

So, since nobody asked, why is this strain so unloved and little discussed?

Shanti's description of it is pure love and it is one of the few strains in the entire library that he rates with triple 5 star ratings on the 'marks o meter' rankings of aroma, medicinal value and yield.

NL5 x Afghan - Mr. Nice seedbank and research - Strains

(Note: NL5 X Haze is also rated a triple 5, while NL5 X skunk is has slightly lower ratings ... I know, these are subjective, but still, that's a pretty significant opinion at work)

While I've heard several growers comment upon it in passing (one notable member did not like his results, but never seems to have posted a grow report to expand upon the opinion.)

The only real full report seems to be from Holy Mountain's very nicely done report of taking 3 females to full flower/harvest.

HM's most excellent report seem to confirm Shanti's glowing description.
Yet, it's generally not one of the sexy strains that everyone's talking about. Why? Is this just overlooked? Is the NL5 x Haze interest so strong that no one's interested in a non-haze cross?

The REASON I bring up the topic, as you might have guessed, is that I'm staring at the list of "what's next?" in my fridge. NL5 x Afg was at the bottom of the list, but I'm starting to wonder if that should be reconsidered ... I have several more haze crosses to explore, but I still feel like I have room for a big yielding, delicious and hard-hitting indica dom plant.

Why not NL5 x Afg?

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