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Wink How's it Growin

Hello "#",thanks mate,hope you are good,great to see your plants,peace.

Hi Leadplant,no drama here I hope peace.

Hi L33t many thanks for looking in,following your thread with great interest,stunning show bro peace.

Hello Barletta,thanks for dropping by,loving your threads,keep it up.

Once cuts were taken the seedplants went under a 400 mh,the clones are now under the floros until sept then in 12/12, I'm looking forward to what comes from these plants,just a little bit,lol.

I have one clone that didn't root & one late seedplant to clone also I will take cuts from them when I know the f/m ratio & take some more from the girls,peace

MNS Wish List : NL#5Haze , G13Haze , MangoHaze IBL
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