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Smile Thanks lads

Hi all,

Clowntown,you seem to have some fine genetics yourselfpeace.

Hiya L33t,how are you mate?,good i hope,smelly cheese on the bus hey,lol,

The G13Skunk(#1) is ok,just momma had to go,a big GSK(#1) clone just kicked out 3 cuts,which my dog ate,he really loves vegging plants,

Couple of shots,you can see the stretch from five days ago,from the white label sticks,cloned very very soon,my propagator is free now.

Once cloned they will be rooted into 3.5L pots with 70% all-mix 30% perlite,then bloomed,when stretch is over/ish 3-4 weeks pot up into 6.5L pots with neat all-mix,no feeds,plain water straight through,well that's the plan,it could all change fast,peace

peace all

MNS Wish List : NL#5Haze , G13Haze , MangoHaze IBL
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