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[quote=redeye24/7;12031]Hi L33t,how are ya mate?Smokin some fine shit I bet

Hiya Red

Fine shit indeed!lol Got some very nice Cheese yesterday from a friend, daaammmnnn stinky!

I had it in a sealed glass jar with rubber-sealed lid in a bag and the whole bus was smelling SKUNK! LOLOL I wonder how the hell they run those plants , the smell is SO strong that ANY leak can cause tears..the haze hybrids like ssh , mango n nevilles have no much smell at all , but the skunks stink!LOL

Same here had some relocation myself(unforseen circumstances,lol),momma G13Skunk was killed took some cuts & have a big girl going for Gold,all my other girls are in safe hands,duplicates,hehe peace

peace all

Too bad to hear about the G13SK mom but hey the rest are ok so all is fine.
Very nice NH mate hope they turn out good. I m sure you ll find a keeper from them .

keep us updated!
cheers , Haz3
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