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Cool This Weekend on SpiritPlants Radio (August 20-21, 2011)

Turn on . . . tune in! SpiritPlants Radio is on the air 24/7!

SpiritPlants Radio's website can be found at Spiritplants Radio | Main Page. On this site is the current weekend schedule & links to listen live, as well as links to the station's archives, blog, forum, chat, playlists, & song history. During the weekdays you are invited to enter the (M)ystery-(F)low . . .

This weekend features 4 DJs, including Frogs, Soulard, the 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie, & OpaqueLens. The full weekend (August 20-21)'s scheduled programming includes:

Featured SpiritPlants Radio DJs:
*** Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution with DJ Soulard #389 | Show information: The ElectroLounge | Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution
*** Shamanic Freedom Radio with OpaqueLens #78: "Interview with Graham Nicholls" | Show information: PodOmatic | Podcast - Shamanic Freedom Radio
*** The Hi-Fi Hippie Show with the 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie #42 | Show information: PodOmatic | Podcast - 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie
*** In the Window with DJ Frogs #5 | Show information: Mad as a box of frogs

Featured Programs:
*** Psychedelic Lectures: Notes from the Psychedelic Salon #276-277: "Dennis McKenna Interviewed by Peter Gorman" | Show information: Podcast 276 – “Peter Gorman Interviews Dennis McKenna” Part 1
*** Jazz Cafe: The Joshua Redman Quartet = Live at the Village Vanguard, 21-26.March.1995 | Show information: Joshua Redman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
*** Long Live Rock!: Grace Slick & the Great Society - The Matrix, San Francisco - February 1966 | Show information: The Great Society (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
*** News Hour = World Week in Review | Show information:
*** Comedy Hour: George Carlin, "Complaints and Grievances" (2001) | Show information: George Carlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
*** Conspiracy Theory Radio: "A View from Space" with Gary "the Spaceman" Bell | Show information: garythespaceman : garythespaceman
*** Storybook Time: "Babylon Revisited" (1931) by F. Scott Fitzgerald | Show information: Babylon Revisited - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This weekend's programming continues the 2011 SpiritPlants Radio weekend schedule of new shows and featured programs. Your feedback ( will be greatly appreciated in helping to improve our station! And check out Dose One: A SpiritPlants Radio Psychedelic Sampler (Dose One: A SpiritPlants Radio Psychedelic Sampler by spiritplantradio on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free)!

We are always looking for new DJs to join our station (email us).

Station Manager
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